Guide to Low-cost Travel and Inexpensive Vacations

The purpose of this website is to help you achieve your travel dreams, regardless of your financial circumstances.  The site provides useful tips and tricks on how to visit exotic destinations without having to deplete your savings or mortgage your home.

There are many wonderful opportunities available today for low-cost vacation travel.  For example, no-frills airlines now offer low-cost airfares between European cities for under $10!  Many credit card companies offer "air miles" that can be exchanged for free plane tickets.

Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome

Inexpensive accommodation in hotels, guest houses and B&Bs (bed-and-breakfasts) can be easily arranged over the Internet. Economy accommodation can be found at many hotels and motel chains.

Many cities offer inexpensive transit passes for local bus, metro and commuter rail services. Coach and rail passes can sometimes provide excellent value for the budget traveller.

Discover how you can explore the world on a shoestring budget and experience the local culture, food and way-of-life.

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