Frequent Flyer Programs

Guide to Low-cost Travel and Inexpensive Vacations

Many credit card companies provide customers with "air mile" credits when purchases are made with the credit card.

For each dollar spent, an "air mile" is credited to the customer's account.  When a given threshold is reached, the customer automatically becomes eligible for a free airline ticket.

By simply using a credit card (rather than paying cash) for day-today expenses, consumers can quickly accumulate travel points. It's important to pay off balance each month, however, to avoid sky high interest charges.

It's really quite amazing to see how quickly one can qualify for a free airline ticket when all purchases and pre-authorized debits are made using the credit card.

Don't forget to use your credit card for all major purchases.

London Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow Airport

Down payments on major purchases, utility costs, food and insurance premiums can all be paid by credit card.

When selecting a credit card that offers "air miles", it is important to be aware of any credit card fees as well as any constraints on using the airline tickets (e.g. black-out periods, expiry rules).  In some cases, the traveler must pay the applicable taxes, but the base price of the ticket remains free.

If the annual credit fee for the credit card is excessive, the cost won't justify the free air travel.  It is important to examine your individual purchasing patterns to determine which credit card benefits you most.

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