Currency Fluctuation

Guide to Low-cost Travel and Inexpensive Vacations

Budget-minded travelers ought to consider the relative strength of their national currency when selecting a travel destination.

The relative value of euros, pounds, dollars, rubles, pesos change over time due to economic and political factors.  Over the course of two to three years, the purchasing power of your currency can change dramatically.

Pompeii Italy
Pompeii Italy

For example, if an American were to have visited Canada in January 2003, the cost of purchasing one Canadian dollar would have been USD $0.64.  Three years later, the value of the Canadian dollar had soared to USD $0.88!

This 33% increase in the relative value of the Canadian dollar was caused by increasing energy and resource prices.

There are many free web and phone applications available that will graph the relative strength of your national currency with foreign currencies.  These tools can help you select your vacation destination.

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