Travel Baggage

Guide to Low-cost Travel and Inexpensive Vacations

Many inexperienced travelers make the big mistake of taking far too much luggage on their travels.

Others purchase heavy or bulky souvenirs early in their trip.  They are then burdened with extra weight for the duration of their trip.

Large amounts of luggage restricts your mobility and indirectly add to the cost of your trip.  It can prevent you from using public transportation, searching out economy hotels and can also result in overweight baggage charges on flights.

Air Travel
International Travel

Cost-conscious travelers should consider taking one small suitcase with strong wheels, such as the suitcases used by the airline flight crews.

When you pack your bags, make sure to take only practical clothing that doesn't require dry cleaning or ironing.

Plan to wash your clothes once per week. Self-serve Laundromats are widely available but can be quite expensive in some countries.  Clothes can be washed by hand, if necessary.

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