Discount Airfares

Guide to Low-cost Travel and Inexpensive Vacations

Although charter airlines and other low-cost air carriers have existed for many years, the number of airlines offering no-frills airfares has increased dramatically in recent years.

Increased competition and the ability to sell airline tickets directly to consumers over the Internet has resulted in huge cost savings for consumers. Falling energy prices have also helped.

In Europe, for example, scheduled air service between most European countries can be purchased for as little as 0.99 Euros plus taxes.

It is unimaginable how any airline carrier can survive with such low prices, yet many have survived for years.

Discount Airfares - Low-cost Carriers
Low-cost Airfares

To take advantage of these low-cost airfares, travelers often must sometimes fly out of the smaller airports. Tickets are generally non-refundable or changeable once they are issued.

For a comprehensive list of low-cost airlines, please visit the airline section of our website.

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