Guide to Low-cost Travel

Guide to Low-cost Travel and Inexpensive Vacations

Guide to Low-cost Travel

Travel Tips for Inexpensive Vacations

Discover how to arrange a fabulous overseas vacation without depleting all your savings.  This tutorial provides useful tips and tricks that will help you achieve your travel dreams on a shoestring budget.

Budget Airlines in Europe

A number of European airlines now offer flights between European cities for less than $20! Discover how the no-frills airline companies have revolutionize travel in Europe and around the world.

Budget Hotels and Motel Chains

Discover the economy hotel and motel chains that provide safe, clean and reliable accommodation at bargain prices.  You can even book online to be guaranteed a hotel room.

Inexpensive Cruises

Learn how to find inexpensive cruises and avoid hidden and unnecessary costs. 

Low-cost Travel Destinations

Paris, London, Barcelona are fabulous cities but can be very expensive to visit.  Find out to how to keep costs down. Discover some less-known travel destinations that provide excellent value for your money.